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Happy Nowruz (Persian New Year) With best wishes from Seirafian Carpet
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Points which help recognize genuine ‘Sadegh Seirafian’ carpets:

1. All of them have been made from pure silk, cotton and fine wool (Kork in Persian), and also have been dyed using fast, natural materials.
   2. Traditional, Persian designs have always been used.
   3. His name (Sadegh Seirafian) and the words ‘Esfahan(1)- Iran’ together with the flag of Iran as inscription

  cartouche or signature can be found both in English and in Persian, mostly at the bottom or some times on top of his works.(2)

Our moto, as indicated by Karim Seirafian, the late Master Sadegh Seirafian’s son(Manager), has always been "THE BEST FOR THE BEST". This means introducing the unique, artistic carpets to the world; the carpets produced using the fast herbal or natural dyes, the best materials and also perfectly genuine, Iranian designs besides protecting this invaluable heritage after our father's demise in 2005.

1- You may find the name ‘Esfahan’ in its alternative form ‘Isfahan’.
2- The mark used after his demise is ‘Karim Seirafian’.