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Happy Nowruz (Persian New Year) With best wishes from Seirafian Carpet
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  A Brief History

The Late Master Haj Agha Reza Seirafian (1881-1975), the founder of Seirafian Carpet, had been, at first, a highly reputable private banker (sarraf)(1) in Esfahan; but his enthusiasm in this career did not hampered his love of genuine carpet. This deep-rooted love inspired him to open a new chapter in the history of
  the hand woven carpet. His dream was to produce supreme, genuine and unparalleled carpets. In order to realize his dream, he employed the most talented designers and skillful weavers and also made use of natural dyes and the best raw materials. As a result, his carpets soon became the most popular ones among the traders and interested individuals. He was also able to give the sufficient assurances about the quality of his works to the demanding carpet market by weaving his family name (Seirafian) either on top or at the bottom of the carpets he produced.

The Late Master Sadegh Seirafian (1922- 2005), one of the sons of Haj Agha Reza Seirafian, pursued this profession after his graduation from high school. Having considerable interest and the same dreams, he combined the dexterity of the skillful masters with his own innovative thoughts and began to produce carpets while he was also helping his father. Since then those unprecedented works marked as SADEGH SEIRAFIAN (2) have attracted hundreds of the enthusiasts, artists and highly reputable collectors of the high quality hand woven rugs and carpets.

Some of the prominent works of the Late Master are as follow:
Seirafian Paradise (Eleven Sceneries), Flower Garden, Phoenix, Love Garden and many more ...

1- Private bankers had been called Sarraf and hence the name SEIRAFIAN was adopted as his family name.
2- In some texts you may find the name SEIRAFIAN in variant spellings such as SAYRAFIAN, SERAFIAN, SIRAFIAN, SAYRAFIYAN and etc.